Welcome to the HKDU-CME Video Lecture website!

This is an extension of HKDU CME programme with on-demand Video Lectures. The lectures are pre-recorded CME lectures with Power Point with audio. Self Study CME score is awarded on completion of CME quiz after going through the lecture.

Two or more video lectures will be put up at the website every month, each carries CME score after completion of the quiz. The website is mobile responsive, but it cannot be operated by our CME app we developed in 2014.

CME score and deadline information of individual lecture video is specified at the website. After attempt of each set of CME quiz, the results (% correct) and CME score awarded will be displayed and one can choose to re-attempt the quiz if needed.

At this stage, the website is open to members of HKDU only.


本網站是現有延續醫學進修網站的伸延版, 醫生可點播延續醫學進修研討會視頻, 並可獲得學分。醫生觀看視頻及完成簡單測驗後便可獲得延續醫學進修的學分。

本會會在每個月於網站發放兩個研討會的視頻,它們是音頻及Power Point簡報嵌入式視頻,醫生每觀看一個視頻並完成其簡單測試,便可獲得延續醫學進修的學分。該網站可於手機上登入,而我們在2014年開發的延續醫學進修應用程序不能共用。






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